Think Folks are too Black is an Excellent book, well written and easy to understand. It answers in great detail the question pertaining to black folks in our society.


    Lupita Samuels ‘ book : Think Folks Are “Too Dark? ” Think Again! is great. It conveys brotherly equality. Skin color does not determine the value or the worth of an individual. Mind and spirit are the driving force of all human beings, so everyone should be treated with respect and dignity.

  • MS. MILA

    The book “Think Folks are Too Dark” is a great starter kit for opening the conversation on race and our perceptions of skin color. Simply written, it forces one to ask the hardest yet most simple questions!



    Great book for helping children and adults understand race in a simple way. I highly recommend it if you have young children and would like to discuss our similarities as human beings no matter what your complexion is.


    Think Folks are too Tan, Think Again.  A book that makes you think.


    Think Folks are Too Black”. This book was written in the most appropriate time I would say. It can help our young around the country understand that we are all the same no matter what we appear like on the outside. With all the rage of violence of the human race happening, without pointing fingers. Our future leaders need reassurance that we as a people (the human race), not too Black, too White, or too Tan, can look beyond our beautiful differences and embrace gifts, talents, and wisdom to make this world a better place.


    The Color blind series is a welcomed delight. The books are practical, engaging, and a great tool for teaching children to accept and appreciate themselves as well as accepting and appreciating the differences in others. The unique use of animals and their various colors is a great illustration for showing how we love animals for who they are and not their color. I see the series as a useful resource for schools, church schools and those working with children.